The Mammoth Mine Rock shop, rests at the foothills of the beautiful Superstition mountains. With over hundreds of rock, mineral, crystal and fossil collections, collectors and novices alike will find just about anything in this delightful, Western Arizona rock shop! Whether you're just passing by, looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine, or just want a unique experience, the Mammoth Mine Rock shop is full of hidden treasures and a large selection of unique and affordable collectibles.

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You'll love our premier collection of exclusive and affordable rocks, dinosaur bones, minerals, fossils and crystals. Whether you're a collector, educator, explorer or just passing through, stop in for an unforgettable experience. Located at the foothills of the Superstition mountains, the Mammoth Mine rock shop is full of exclusive finds, years of knowledge and over 15 years of friendly service.


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Aside from offering one of the best rock and mineral collections in the world, including unique fossils like dinosaur bones, our location is the original proper: the foothills of the Superstition mountains. The legendary Superstition mountains are a destination like no other for those fascinated by the Lost Dutchman Mine, buried treasures and the old west. The best part? We're situated on an old mine site called the Mammoth Mine. This means that our expert knowledge on the history of the area and on valuable rock, crystal, gold and fossil specimens is unbeatable. Come in and find what you're looking for today!
Fossils for Sale
Come into our rock and gem store and you'll find rare treasures like fossils and petrified wood. Dating back millions of years, these hand-picked, authentic specimens will be sure to complete any collection!
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From turquoise to fluorite, find hundreds of unique rocks and minerals for sale. The Mammoth Mine rock shop is known to have one of the finest collections not only in the area, but worldwide!
Books & Coffee
Need more reasons to visit? Ron Feldman is an expert on the Lost Dutchman mine. He has explored, taught and written about the subject for years. Pick up any one of his books, or just grab a cup of the shop's own coffee brand: a mix of espresso, Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans, roasted and blended exclusively for the shop.
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Author of the Lost Dutchman Mine, “Crooked Mountain,” and “Deep Fault" and top authority on the Lost Dutchman Mine.


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