Wulfenite Passes Through The House

Rep. Mark Finchman presented a gigantic wulfenite mineral, a major collectors item and also a widely used gem in jewelry, to the House. As Arizona’s most abundant mineral, wulfenite’s vibrant colors, crystalline luster and unique one-of-a-kind crystals attract worldwide attention from collectors. Shortly after the House of Representatives approved Finchman’s bill to make the stunning wulfenite mineral Arizona’s official state mineral, Governor Ducy approved the House Bill 2092 on March 22, 2017 making it official.

Varied Beauty

One of the more famous locales for wulfenite is the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona. While the gorgeous mineral is available in top Arizona rock shops, the actual locations in which it is found can cause many variations in the stone’s appearance. With highly variable coloring, it’s crystallization occur in the tetragonal system resulting in stubby, pyramidal or Tabular crystals. For example, wulfenite found in the Los Lamentos mine in Mexico produces bright orange and very thick tabular crystals. Other color variations include yellow, brown, orange and red. Wulfenite’s yellow variation is often referred to as yellow lead ore.

Many Uses

As a lead molybdate mineral (formula PbMoO4), it’s thin tabular crystals are collected, used in jewelry and even in healing. Did you know wulfenite is known to help integrate the more negative aspects of life and prevent both despondency and inertia? It’s no wonder the gigantic stone dazzled every committee member in the House!

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