Any illness or injury requiring immediate treatment, though not life-threatening, can be treatable in urgent care. Cuts and burns or sprains and strains are some of the injuries that an urgent center can conveniently handle. So, what is urgent care service that you get in these facilities?

Urgent care clinics have trained and qualified medical staff and are well-equipped to cater to non-life-threatening conditions or such medical cases. The range of treatments is from minor to severe conditions, including vaccinations and lab tests.

However, patients with severe injuries or medical conditions such as heart attacks or others are better handled in an ER. If you encounter any life-threatening condition, you can quickly call 911 or go to an emergency room.

Services Offered By an Urgent Care

If you’re unsure “what is urgent care services” you can find in their center, these can be minor and acute medical conditions. They can also include untreatable injuries at home and require 24 hours assistance. Some of the common ones include:

  • stitching up cuts or wounds,
  • splinting strains
  • fractures
  • treating burns
  • seasonal fevers
  • minor car accidents
  • treating an abscess
  • infections
  • bites
  • sprains
  • allergies

So, you can save your time queuing in an Emergency Room if you or your loved one suffers from the above. Other services provided by an urgent care include the following:

  • Vaccinations and immunizations
  • Onsite lab services
  • x-ray services
  • COVID testing
  • Routine preventative health services
  • Diagnostic care – illnesses and injuries
  • Medical examinations
  • Primary care

Preventative Health Services 

You don’t have to wait for the flu attack to go to a health care center. Urgent care offers a variety of preventative services for patients. These are usually better than seeking a cure.

  • Flu shots
  • Vaccinations
  • Gynecologic exams-pap smear test and HPV.
  • Drug screening
  • School physicals
  • Laboratory services

What is the urgent care service that you get from the lab? Most urgent care centers have a well-equipped lab that helps to provide a variety of services. These may be in conjunction with other treatment diagnostics and procedures, similar to what you get in an ER.

  • Blood tests
  • STD tests
  • COVID-19 and Antibody testing
  • Electrolyte testing
  • Pregnancy test.

Why Choose an Urgent Care?

Convenience– while most medical centers close at 5 to 6 pm, most urgent cares operate after this time. It’s pretty convenient for the community when the illness strikes at late hours, including on weekends.

Accessibility– when your primary care medical provider is unavailable, you can schedule an appointment with a physician from an urgent care. Your doctor can collaborate with a physician from this facility where necessary.

No appointment required-this means you can also walk in when you need a medical doctor and get the necessary help.

Saves you money-it’s pretty economical to visit urgent care than an ER when you have a treatable illness in an urgent care center. It would cost you much less than you would pay there.

Treats a range of illnesses-most people may not know that urgent care can handle more than a common cold in their facility. What is the urgent care service you can expect to get there?

Shorter wait time- the waiting time in urgent care is usually less than 60 minutes. That’s a bit reasonable compared to the hours you might wait in an ordinary hospital where you have to queue for hours if your medical condition is non-life-threatening. You also get quick service delivery of prescriptions and other medical needs.  

Everything that requires immediate medical attention, but it’s not a life-threatening emergency. So, you can place urgent care between emergency care and a clinic that facilitates prompt medical attention. Urgent care facilities have unmatched services to most health care centers, such as efficiency, convenience, and value.

In Conclusion

Now it’s easy to see why the urgent center has become your go-to-treatment facility. And you know “What is urgent care service” you get there that you don’t have to take to an emergency room. They have qualified medical staff to deal with acute illnesses and injuries such as minor accidents, cuts, and allergies. So, these benefit ER without the hassles of long queues and expenses.

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