Tabletop Simulator – Blood Rage is a tactical card game set in a unique Viking landscape where your faction’s opportunities to win are influenced by the strategic choices you make and by the luck of the dice.
Engage your opponents in epic, large scale battles where the outcome will be determined in part by who is the most ruthless and efficient commander.
Choice plays a key role in your game, as everyone’s decisions at every turn affect your final score. However, all outcomes are determined by dice rolls and the random factors associated with them, so your decisions are ultimately up to fate!
Key Game Features
* Strategic Decisions – The world of Blood Rage is a fierce landscape with a long history of conflict. Everyone, friend and foe alike, seeks to build a position of power and collect gold. You must be wary of choosing the wrong side at the wrong time! Decide wisely and your faction can gain a strategic advantage or suffer the consequences of imprudence.
* Epic Battles – As the game progresses, the land of Blood Rage becomes more heavily contested, and the stakes become greater. Each battle can be played on a variety of different battlefields, and these choices can influence how the game plays out. On the largest battlefields you’ll engage thousands of opponents in a single battle.
* Choose to Fight – Your faction can participate in several distinct game play elements all of which influence what you do and how your faction can achieve victory! As the game progresses you can challenge other Vikings to one-on-one duels in which the victor is granted an exceptionally high chance of victory. You can also boost your clan’s stat, and send out raiding parties to pillage various towns that offer a good reward for your warriors.
* Game-Changer Dice – The Fate’s Edge:
Two dice determine the outcome of all game play in Blood Rage, including the culmination of each battle. Both may be used to increase your faction’s chances of victory, or to cause you to lose by giving your opponent greater numbers. The dice favor the aggressive player, but this is balanced out by powerful mechanics that boost each player’s ability to gain a strategic advantage. In addition, a new set of rules are introduced that allow the player to influence the outcome of the game in a variety of different ways.
Important Information:
– Blood Rage can be downloaded and played offline, providing players with hours of entertainment.
– Blood Rage is completely free to play, and can be played in a single player mode or with up


Features Key:

  • stunning background music tracks and beautifully voiced wicked wizards, knights, and village folk.
  • complete with illuminated manuscript, noble lords, servants and horses.
  • Moddable character classes, creature appearance and attack tables, custom archers, and multiple travel
  • locational mapping, world save/load, high resolution and low resolution graphics, and a mod-interactive database.
  • Special thanks to:

    • Otol
    • WillO
    • Shiro

    ***** IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a stand-alone product that will load the standard Lorem Ipsum campaign files in the ‘My Campaigns’ tab of your content. To load an alternate campaign, please ensure you have installed and begun play at least once.

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