Here at the Mammoth Mine Rock Shop, we have a good selection of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. This much sought after gemstone is very popular for its rich sky blue color with very little matrix. Previously mined in Globe, Arizona for quite some time, this old copper mine was shut down in 2012 making this gemstone extra rare.

The Sleeping Beauty Mine is about sixty five miles from our shop, making this rare and sought after gemstone a unique collectors item for the area. Since the stone is no longer readily available at Arizona rock shops in the area the price of this beautiful turquoise will continue to rise as it is becoming scarce. While copper is still mined in the area what is interesting to note is that turquoise along with azurite, chrysocolla, and malachite are all copper minerals with turquoise being the Arizona State gem stone.

Visit the Mammoth Mine Rock Shop if you want to come see our incredible collection of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, we’re one of the few Arizona Rock Shops in the Phoenix area that still sell this sought after and rare collectors item.

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