Most applications you install require special permission from Windows or need to integrate themselves in particular areas. This can lead to compatibility issues, or even system instability. In this regard, QuickFix wants to help you out by putting a set of management and cleaning options at your disposal to keep your PC in good shape.
Can be used on the go
You’re free to run the application and check out the set of features as soon as download is done. This also means you can take it with you on an USB flash drive to perform cleaning operations on other computers as well. In addition, system registries remain intact, further adding to the health status of your computer.
Running it brings up the interface, fitted with several tabs so you can easily navigate through all target areas like start up, running processes, kill viruses, enable/disable, quick clean, and system info. Each area is equipped with a specific set of options that’s usually self explanatory. Not a lot of experience nor effort is required to get acquainted with what’s provided.
Far from being a pro
However, the visual design leaves a bit more to be desired, and this also has noticeable effects on practicality. In other words, the way items are displayed can create a bit of confusion, and if you don’t pay enough attention, the wrong process, startup item, or system location gets killed or disabled.
What’s more, the application wants to take over from the default Task Manager, but it has more to learn from it rather than enhance it. Nor all processes are displayed, and startup items are either not detected, or shown with missing details.
Truth be told, the application hasn’t received updates in a pretty long time, and there’s a high chance you encounter different errors while running it on newer Windows iterations. For instance, the application gives you the possibility to lock down the Run utility, task manager, and other important areas, but compatibility issues keep it from successfully achieving this.
In conclusion
All things considered, we can safely state that QuickFix is far from living up to expectations, with little to provide that can actually come in handy, especially on latest Windows installments. The visual design is simple, but it becomes an obstacle because of poor display, while various functionality issues keep it from being a pro.







QuickFix Crack+ With Keygen Free

QuickFix For Windows 10 Crack (QF) is a free small, easy-to-use, and reliable computer program which can be installed and run on 32-bit versions of Windows. QuickFix Crack Free Download, which enables users to quickly clean unwanted Windows components, reduce duplicates, stop programs which slows your PC, and provide essential troubleshooting tools, has been developed to address this issue which has become a problem in the recent time.
QuickFix Review :
QuickFix software is a simple application for cleaning unwanted files, cookies, ads, and other similar Internet junk. While its main feature is the ability to select a number of automatically scanned and cleaned programs, QuickFix can also be used to scan any desired location with its default options. As far as the speed is concerned, this application can process up to 100 locations per minute on a good day. Most of the users who have tried the program have reported that QuickFix does a good job in removing all the junk files that can slow down the PC, even if it comes from a malicious source.
How to install? :
To install this version of QuickFix you have to run the setup file which is located in a portable folder. Just run the setup file and all the necessary components will get downloaded from the Internet and installed automatically. If you don’t have the portable folder then you can download the setup from their official website and save it to your hard disk so that you can run it whenever required. For further information on how to use QuickFix, you can refer to the user manual.
Main Features:
– It is a small, stable and easy to use program.
– Can be installed and run on 32-bit versions of Windows.
– It’s compatible with all latest versions of Windows (2000/2003/XP/Vista/7).
– It scans and can clear all the unwanted files and in turn removes all the unwanted programs from the hard drive.
– It can quickly scan, delete, and remove a wide variety of unwanted files including cookies, temporary internet files, and other garbage files that can slow down your computer.
– It can clean the registry and delete all the unnecessary and junk programs.
– QuickFix also offers you various options like customize, real-time scan, and controls to clean the target area from your computer.
– QuickFix also offers the option to scan the startup items, run utility, and the Windows startup programs.
– QuickFix is a freeware, which means it has no cost. But

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QuickFix Features:

Kill viruses with the click of a mouse.

Relieves your computer of any infections and corrupted files.

Makes your computer more stable and secure.

No more scanning and rechecking your computer for viruses and other intruders.

Achieve more stable, fast and secure system through regular checking.

QuickFix Description:

Task Manager Features:

The best part about this tool is its name. There are many ways you can use it. You can easily manage and monitor the system tasks being run by the computer or applications. You can use it like a computer doctor.

Not only is it very useful, but also provides various task list with different type of options. You can categorize these lists using any category of your choice. You can easily customize this task list or lists as per your need.

You can easily run the process, service or application which you want to launch.

You can stop them as well.

It’s also very helpful for your PC and provides the details of your system tasks, which makes your system a lot more stable and secure.

By using this you will get the following most important details:

The process ID and name

Process Application

Method name

Creation time and execution time

Description of the process

Parent process ID

Creation date and creation time

The process is created by the following task

DLLs loaded

Shares with other processes

The process will kill the following tasks:


programs and EXE files


Other files and folders


You can access the applications which you want to launch with the help of the application.

You can easily search for your applications by their name.

Not only that, you can easily kill applications by clicking the task “Close the Application”.

You can easily create favorites and favorite tasks. You can easily configure these lists with your choices.

You can easily manage all applications with one click.

You can quickly create profiles and profiles folder.

You can easily make changes to the settings, as per your need.

You can easily delete or modify these profiles.

You can easily remove these profiles or profiles folder with one click.

You can easily copy the application from one location to another with a single click.


QuickFix Crack Full Version (Updated 2022)

QuickFix aims to make Windows cleaner, faster and simpler by offering five main options to kill unneeded processes, delete unused files, fix background services, optimize registry, and disable Windows programs. All of these processes can be displayed in an easy to understand manner, making things faster and simpler.
QuickFix Features:
1) Remove unneeded startup items: This shows you all startup items and whether they’re enabled or not. You can then disable unwanted startup items, in addition to kill them if they’re not needed.
2) Remove unneeded processes: Remove all processes that aren’t needed, including other open processes that are active.
3) Remove unused file: When a disk runs out of space, you can either delete unwanted files or let Windows reclaim them.
4) Defragment your disk: Remove files that can be saved, or delete them if they’re unused.
5) Clean up disk: Other than delete files, it can also clean out temporary files, cookies, and other junk. You can also set permissions for any file.
6) Set processes to not start: When you want to stop a process from running, instead of just killing it, you can simply disable the startup item.
7) Set startup item: You can either disable a specific item, or enable it. However, not all startup items can be fixed, and some cannot be disabled.
8) Disable unwanted programs: This shows you the list of all programs that can be disabled, and it’s an easy way to fix programs and clean registry.
9) Locate and fix registry: Similar to the above option, it allows you to find and fix registry errors.
10) Clean services and agents: When the registry becomes cluttered, this option allows you to fix them, freeing up more space for other programs to run without any problems.
11) Optimize or repair registry: This option allows you to clean out useless items from the registry, making room for the application to run efficiently.
12) Fix and disable: This option allows you to set up a program to either disable it or fix it. This usually happens when you get a blue screen or a missing icon.
13) Clean the internet cache: This shows you a list of all files of the internet cache, and you can delete any that are no longer needed.
14) Clean the temporary internet files: This option allows you to delete temporary files that have not been in use in

What’s New in the?

Fix Errors, Remove Unused System Registry, Keep Windows Operating System Healthy and Clean!

Fix Errors: Fix all problem that occurs in your system such as: accidental deletion of files, Registry corruption, various system issues, etc.

Unused System Registry: Remove all unused system registry entries which gives high performance to your computer by removing all unnecessary applications and system items.

Keep Windows Operating System Healthy and Clean!: Complete and keep your operating system in a healthy and clean state. Remove inactive applications and system items that cause slow down or errors in boot up and other times. It also scans and removes various threats that could adversely affect the functioning of your system.

Advanced Functions:

Automatic and full scan of entire system in seconds.

Safe Scan with error removal.

Fix Startup items and Registry Entries.

Keep Safe and Secure Windows.

Remove all useless entries in Windows.

Completely remove Spyware, Adware, Worms and Trojans.

Fix Hardware and Troubleshoot for any type of hardware problems.

Remove unused files and remove errors.

Remove web browser toolbars and extensions.

Block unwanted pop-up ads and toolbars.

Keep Optimal Security.

Keep Optimal System Speed.

Keep Optimal System Stability.

About QuickFix

QuickFix is an advanced cleaner that would provide you with a number of options that would keep your machine running in a optimized state. It would scan your entire PC and identify the processes that are listed as running and completely remove them. The app also includes various other features such as a clean uninstaller to remove unwanted applications, an advanced malware scanner, a registry cleaner to help clean and keep your registry in shape and of course a registry backup tool to maintain the registry in a clean and organized manner.


User reviews


November 11, 2017

QuickFix Description:

Fix Errors, Remove Unused System Registry, Keep Windows Operating System Healthy and Clean!

Fix Errors: Fix all problem that occurs in your system such as: accidental deletion of files, Registry corruption, various system issues, etc.

Unused System Registry: Remove all unused system registry entries which gives high performance to your computer by removing all unnecessary applications and system items.

Keep Windows Operating System Healthy and Clean!: Complete and keep your operating system in a healthy and clean state

System Requirements For QuickFix:

Minimum specs:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD5770
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 5GB free space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Other: DVD or USB drive
Recommended specs:
Processor: Intel Core i5

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