And for those women who are enjoying casual sex, the new era of hookups could also bring some new (and healthy) relationship and communication habits. One example: Instead of attaching the usual baggage from past sexual partners (the clothes you had to wash, for example), having casual sex can actually make a woman feel more open to letting guys shop for her clothes. “Basically, what I’m trying to communicate with them [men] is, ‘Just, come pick out a couple of my outfits and pay for them,'” explains Joyelle. “Because that’s what I wanna do to my dude! I’m ready to be taken care of, I’m loving, and I’m attractive as hell, so why would you wanna go to Target to do that with me, you big old dummy?”
It turns out, most women actually don’t want a super experienced lover. They actually want partners who seem just as inexperienced. One study found that women want sex with men who “seem like a total stranger” as opposed to older and more experienced men.
As it turns out, thanks to the brain’s complex wiring, casual sex is actually beneficial to couples. “It increases sociability, [and] it increases the likelihood of intimacy,” says Lisa Wade, a clinical psychologist and author of the book The Sexual Revolution: From Sex Out Of Boudoir To Sex Out Of Closet. This is especially true if one partner is looking to connect more deeply with someone else.
Unfortunately, you’re not always getting what you pay for. Like you do with every other experience, the price for sex involves quality as well. A guy who is consistently and carefully conscious about his sexual health might be interested in condom-protected sex, which can save a woman some pain, but it also requires effort.
Sex doesn’t always have to be made sexier by fine-tuning your moves, the setting, or the conversation. The key is to consider the context of your meeting and how that influences what you expect from it. Look for something organic, if that makes sense. For instance, a casual encounter at a friend’s house where the door is open and you can still text with your friends back home is likely to be different than a fling in a loud bar with a bunch of strangers.
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For casual sex, it’s OK to dial down the sexy a bit. Try something a little more moderate than the super-sexy hook
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Whether or not casual sex leads to trouble is a matter of perspective and what you’re doing with your sexual encounters. Casual hookups tend to be straightforward, intimate, and unembellished — sure, there are rules, but they’re not open-ended questions like, “Do you want to come inside me?”
When people think about casual sex, they often think about party sex. It’s that one time you meet a new person at a club, then hit the dance floor for the night. But it’s not all night — not always. The goal is usually to get laid as quickly as possible, because after all, “when you’re not paying for sex, it’s not even sex,” says Gessell.
Casual sex is uncomplicated, fast, and predictable; you know what you’ll get, and there won’t be any of that drama, sex, and expectations that can come from a more serious relationship.
What’s the harm?
Let’s say your hookup is with a stranger, and you’re meeting up for the first time. This means you might be a little nervous about getting it on for the first time, and maybe even getting it on at all. After all, you don’t really know the person, and a first hookup could be scary, despite its simplicity.
Pornography and the media examples of sexual relationships aren’t necessarily bad, but they can make for some conflicting messaging. Specifically, porn is filled with close up shots of sex, which don’t provide any information about anything but the action and the result.
In the case of casual sex, there is less to be found on first impressions — you wouldn’t (by definition, at least) have been planning to hook up with that person ahead of time, so you wouldn’t necessarily know their physical appearance, personality, or anything about their life. No matter how you take a quick look at a person at the beginning, it’s still risky enough to be casual; that quickie is your right and privilege.
While you might be having sex for the first time with someone you just met, it might still be kind of emotionally fraught; the reason might be completely ambivalent, which means it’s a tricky tightrope to navigate. So when the sex is ending, the energy could shift for the worse. You might start to want more — more

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