Number Eight turquoise is some of the finest turquoise ever found anywhere. The mine is located north of Carlin, Nevada and was first discovered in1929 by Earl Buffington and Lawrence Springer. It’s name originates from the mine number in which it was found in the Northeastern part of Nevada.

Number eight turquoise is highly sought after and some of the largest turquoise nuggets of any type have been found. The spider webbing is famous and mostly distinguished by a golden brown and black distinctive spider web matrix on a unique bright powder blue to blue-green background.

The mine closed in 1976, with the last owner stockpiling the remainder of Number Eight, which has been on the market , when this is gone it will be hard to find. In fact, number eight turquoise was discovered in 1950 when the Edgars (prominent miners of the time) were mining copper. The deposit has turned out to produce an average of 1,600 pounds of the finest and highest grade turquoise on the market today. Additionally, number eight turquoise continues to be attributed to being some of the largest turquoise nuggets ever found, with some pieces coming in at 9 pounds or more.

Is this a collectors item? Absolutely! Once the reserve is gone, there will not be any more production of this stone in the marketplace. Visit our online store to explore some of these amazing number 8 turquoise pieces for sale!

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