Rose Stone Meaning

If you’ve ever found a rose quartz stone out in nature, you can attest to its soft and beautiful hues. This lovely form of quartz gets its pink color from trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese. Rose quartz is a semi precious gemstone varying in color from translucent pink to rose red. A rare type of rose quartz called the crystalline rose quartz is also a unique specimen that gets its color from apparent photosensitivity and deposits of phosphate and aluminum.

A common stone used in healing, the shamanic tradition attributes the rose stone meaning to unconditional love. In essence, rose quartz is a representation of the interconnectedness of all of life. It is when the healer fully steps into their true nature that the powers of rose quartz can be released. This level of consciousness is a result of extricating oneself from the world of form and moving into the realm of primal inner knowing. It is from this space that separateness is able to dissolve the boundaries that keep human life apart from this recognition and release the powers of service, giving, kindness and compassion to add to the expansion of the universal human heart. The rose stone meaning is not one of selfish or possessive love, but rather of the most powerful form of love, the love that is our true nature.

Rose Quartz Spiritual Properties

Rose quartz is attributed to the heart chakra. The spiritual properties of rose quartz can be extracted through the physical use of the crystal on the body, during dream sleep when placed in dream catchers or under the pillow, in waking life when worn on jewelry or as a tool for feng shui practices. When rose quartz spiritual properties are activated they emit soft and gentle frequencies that work at the subtle energy level. These energies can assist with feelings of seperateness, forgiveness, anger, sadness and pain, heart break and heart conditions like imbalanced blood pressure, heart disease and palpitations as well as the lungs. This stone resonates more with the vibration of unconditional love rather than romantic love, making it an incredible stone when used in energy work and healing, but also when it is used in combination with other stones.

How to Cleanse Rose Quartz

We’ve all heard that crystals like attention. Whether this focus strengthens our commitment and belief or because energy is actually exchanged with the stone it can be really helpful to practice personal rituals with our stones. There are many ways to work with the stone. Some healers like to release the stone back into the earth by charging it with an intention and then burying it in a special spot or they will throw it into a body of water like the ocean for energy work based on letting go. There are a multitude of ways to intuit what the best way to work with a stone like this is. However you decide to cleanse your rose quartz there are a few basic practices that have been used for centuries:
1. Bathe your stone in warm water with salt
2. Set your stones out on an eclipse, full moon or new moon
3. Set your stone in direct sunlight for a few hours
4. Pray over the stone
5. Program an intention of purity and cleansing into the stone with thought

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