Hidden Treasures in The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

The Legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine takes place in Arizona’s Superstition mountains. According to the story, a German man living in Phoenix, Jacob Waltz, discovered a mother lode of gold in the Superstition mountains. He would leave Phoenix periodically to come back to the mine when he would run out of gold and needed more. Jacob kept the mine a secret his whole life, but he revealed it’s location on his deathbed in 1891 to Julia Thomas. Julia was a boarding house owner who had cared for him for many years. The legend states that she had received a map of the exact location. While several mines have been claimed in the area, none of these have been verified as the Lost Dutchman.

Ron has written multiple books on his vast experience with treasure hunting and searching for the Lost Dutchman mine. He has worked with archaeologists and geologists , government agencies and private land owners to access private properties where he mines for gold.