Legendary Tales

One of the most famous legends of all time takes place in the Superstition mountains, drawing thousands of visitors and explorers. The Superstitions are the largest mountain daftar slot gacor range surrounding Phoenix at 5,024 feet. Visitors come to hike, look for gold, horseback ride and learn about the artifacts, folklore and history of the region. These famous mountains span from volcanic, jagged peaks to boulder filled canyons and are covered with saguaro and cacti at lower elevations. But these mountains aren’t known as much for their judi slot online jackpot terbesar astounding beauty, as they are for the stories that surround it. The supposed site of the Lost Dutchman Mine, one of the most famous lost mines in the world, beckons visitors and miners, teasing them with promises of treasure.

Owner, Ron Feldman, was given the Treasure Trove agreement by the Forrest service for the Superstition Mountains. This is the only treasure trove agreement that has ever been handed out tin the Superstitious slot88 mountains. Learn more about Ron and his involvement with the Lost Dutchman Treasure here.