What’s The Difference Between Rocks and Minerals?

Many different kinds of rocks exist within the solid earth. These rocks are created in many various ways through the basic building blocks of Earth – minerals. Minerals are inorganic substances. There are over 4,000 known minerals, about a dozen of them being quite common. A various combination of chemical elements, or substances that cannot be broken down, compose minerals. There are three basic types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic .

Igneous rocks form inside the earth when magma, or molten rock, cools and solidifies. Rocks from volcanoes are the result of such a process. Sedimentary rocks form over time from sand, clay and other sediments slowly laid in layers called beds. Sedimentary rocks like sandstone and reefs, are made of grains from other rocks that have been worn down by weather and cemented again. Metamorphic rocks are the result of heat and pressure applied to igneous or sedimentary rocks. Masses of igneous rocks can be found in sites like the Giant’s Causeway in Ulster. The old lava flows can become so hot that they will eventually change the rocks over which they flow. Only about a third of the earth’s surface is dry land. Most continents have ancient metamorphic rocks at their center and younger mountain ranges of sedimentary and igneous rocks around the sides.

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