How Does Petrified Wood Form?

One of the most fascinating rocks is petrified wood. Millions of years old, petrified wood marks one of the more valuable fossil specimen, offering collectors a fascinating look into the mineral and elemental dance of nature. Mixed with Jasper, quartz or even opal, petrified wood is a fossil in which minerals have slowly replaced organic remains. The rainbow of colors results from impurities within the quartz like magnese, carbon and iron.

Fallen trees and plants are washed within river beds and buried beneath materials like volcano ash and mud. These materials deprive the wood of oxygen, preventing it’s decay. As the organic tissues slowly break down, the open spaces in the wood are filled with silica. Through time, these minerals crystallize in the cellular structure of the wood. In the end, the plant has it’s basic original structure in place, however it is replaced by stone.

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