What Are Crystals?

Crystals are a solid, such as a mineral. When mineral crystals live in prime conditions, they form marvelous geometric shapes and external sides called faces.

All atoms in the molecule of a crystal contain symmetrical, repeating patters – and they need plenty of room to develop. However, the larger a crystal is the more likely it is to become damaged as it grows. The faces of crystals result directly from the size of their atoms and the direction in which these atoms are arranged determines their shape. Mineral crystals like quartz and fluorite, grow in liquid solutions, molten solids and vapors that are mixed with gases. Most often, some o the most geometric and regular shaped crystals are formed during liquid growth. However, many gemstones like amber and pearl are formed by geological processes and not minerals.

Crystals have many important uses in society, they are placed in calculators, computers and some clocks even use crystals to regulate their speed. Most obviously, crystals are beautiful in their natural form and the stones and jewels adorn jewelry. The new age community have also discovered multiple uses for crystals and gems, using them freely and frequently for metaphysical healing of ailments related to the mind, body and spirit.

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