Are you an enthusiastic rock hound? Whether you’re looking for rocks and minerals in Apache Junction or for dinosaur bones in China, there’s nothing like finding a treasure. Some people distinctly remember being rock collectors as children, coming home with pockets full of stones. Others never grow out of their collectors habits and find nature just as fascinating no matter their age. Here at the eMammoth Mine Rock Shop, we’ve decided to support and inspire those of you who are continually coming across spectacular specimens.

Have you ever found a fascinating rock, mineral or crystal but had no clue what it was? It happens all the time! Sure, there are rock classifications like sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic but did you know that rock and gem quality can make a world of difference in the worth and value of a stone?

If you’re an explorer or rock collector and you’ve come across a rock, mineral or crystal that you want to identify, we’re here for you.

Starting January 2018 we will be providing a 100% FREE rock identification service. Just post your stone on Facebook, text it to us at 480-773-4311 or e-mail: We apply decades of expertise in the rock world to identify your stone and provide you with the details you need to know to enjoy your findings!

If you’re searching for rocks, minerals, fossils or stones in Apache Junction, come on in to the Mammoth Mine Rock shop with your treasures. The area boasts a large amount of quartz, gold, azurite, chrysocolla, and malachite. Let’s keep discovering together!

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