Engagement or wedding bands tend to be the best symbol of commitment, a statement of peace, or a lasting memento. Therefore, when choosing this jewelry, you are required to make tough decisions. Suppose you are opting for the white metal. There are two choices which are white gold or platinum metal. But is platinum better than white gold or vice versa? If you find it challenging to choose, you are at the right place. Here is what you need to know regarding these two metals. Keep reading.

Platinum Vs White Gold

The Color

White gold has been on the trend for years. But how is it made? Well, this metal is not a pure white metal. It is a mixture of different alloys. The gold is typically yellow, but to make it white, the jewelers mix it with other metals. A cheap white gold usually looks gray and sometimes yellow, and when it receives a rhodium plating, it will look bright white.

Platinum typically is a naturally white metal and is rarer than white gold. You do not require to mix it with any alloy to maintain its color. The metal will never turn and keeps its white color. You need to note that platinum metal is hypoallergenic and is recommended if you have metal allergies.


According to experts, platinum is roughly 40-50% more expensive than white gold. This is because more platinum will be needed when making a piece. After all, it is dense. The high price is also contributed by the fact that platinum is rarer than gold. There are many differences between these two metals. Because the white gold is a mixture of different alloys, the cost is much lower and more affordable than platinum. But this is not all the upfront prices. White gold might have a lower price tag than platinum, but you will be required to replace them after ten years. Initially, platinum is more expensive, but maintenance costs tend to be low.

Their Durability

Because wedding engagement rings and bands are pieces you will wear daily, make sure the metal is durable. Platinum is a pure heavy metal and heavier than gold. But you can bend it due to its density, and it is more susceptible to scratch as time passes. Platinum requires routine polishing and cleaning to help maintain a smooth look. Therefore, the upkeep typically is high.

But this does not mean that the white gold is not doing the job. It is durable enough for each day’s wear. White gold is mixed with other durable metals to help strengthen it and increase its durability. The metal becomes stronger when these are added to it.


Trends typically come and go. The one on the top of the chart is pure gold. Platinum metal is always more popular compared to white gold when it comes to engagement. Usually, it is rare and durable. Therefore, there is an elegance that comes with the engagement ring.


Now that you have read this post, you can now answer the question; is platinum better than white gold? Platinum has the same benefits as white gold. But the best thing about platinum is that it is hypoallergenic since it is pure metal. Therefore, if you opt for white gold, make sure you do not have any metal allergies. There is no significant difference between white gold and platinum. But sellers typically prefer to work with platinum because it is more malleable.

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