Are dinosaurs still with us? The answer is yes. During the end of the Cretaceous Period which was 65 million years ago, a great extinction occurred which wiped out many life forms, including most dinosaurs. Many other life forms died during this extinction as well, however some life forms from the dinosaur period survived. The turtles, crocodiles, and some sharks of course are with us today. Birds also survived. Dinosaurs such as Tricerotops and Hadrosaurs did not. The three classes of Dinosaurs are the Sauropods, Ornithopods, and Theropods. Only the Theropods survived. This Therapods is what T-Rex belonged to. Theropods are basically the modern day birds. Birds are not just birds they are today’s dinosaurs. So the next time you see say a crow, say hello to T-Rex.


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