Assassins Creed Syndicate Gold Edition V 1.5 DLCs Repack Mr DJ Fitgirl Repack


Assassins Creed Syndicate Gold Edition V 1.5 DLCs Repack Mr DJ Fitgirl Repack

i love your repacks and i download on your site specialy for multi language games, i come from ivory coast and i really prefer play games in french!!!! im not an expert in search (even if i found your website, which is a gold mine) but its very difficult to get call of duty modern warfare 3 in french so make a miracle
hope find someone who share my point of view

i like your repacks but i would like to have a french version of prince of persia 2, the english version have a very very bad translation for a very very good game ( my english is very bad so i guess is the same for my french). and for assassins creed anthology, it would be nice to have a full english version of this game.

hi fitgirl, i really like your repacks, you are really good at it, and your site helps a lot to play games in french.
i want you to know i have this request already sent to you. i’m playing prince of persia 2, and i’ve just found a problem, the french translation is not really good.
/> if you can make a repack for this game, i’ll be really happy ( but do not repack prince of persia 1 )
and if you can make a repack for assassins creed anthology, i’ll be super happy.
thank you for your time, and have a nice day.

i really like your repacks. i play a lot of games in french but if i can only find a repack for a game in english, i will just play it in english, i think its a pity to play a game in a language you cant understand.
i was wondering if you can make a repack for prince of persia 2, i saw your repack for the first game in french but its in french translation.
i think its a shame to miss out on such a good game.
if you can make a repack for assassins creed anthology, i think i will buy it.
thank you,

hey fitgirl, thanks for repacking my game! however, a couple of things i noticed and would like to say. 1. it took you about 20 minutes to repack the game. can this be done in any shorter time? 2. the english translation was very good and accurate. why did you pick that language and why not russian? 3. the installation was a bit lengthy. i am downloading a game every day and i have about 500 gb available on my hdd. would it be possible to compress the game file?
hello mr dj, it’s a pleasure, thank you! the game i’ve repacked is assassin’s creed syndicate. i tried to keep it simple, a simple repack. i have made it a day pack, so you can choose the day when you want to start playing it. it’s the full package, with all the dlc: the 1st season, the 2nd season and the 3rd season. for the first time i’ve done the installation with winrar. the installation is a bit longer than for other games, because i’ve compressed everything, i’ve just uninstalled the game and extracted the game file from the installation folder, and compressed it again. there is no need to extract again the game folder from the compressed file, it’s already done in the setup. it’s fast and easy to do. as for the language, i chose english because it’s an easier one, so i didn’t translate any of the menus or dialogues. i’ve just reorganized the installation folder and renamed the files i had to rename the files to the names of the original game. for the installation i’ve used the zip files provided by the authors. the installation was a bit lengthy because the files are quite big, about 2 gb, i’ve compressed it, but it’s still quite big. i hope you enjoy it and i’ll look forward to your comments! have a nice day, dima attached files: (by dima zak)

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