The Superstition Mysteries & Crazy Jake

Ron Feldman (Author, Dutchman Hunter and Historian) sits down with Charlie to talk about his days working for the Mysterious Crazy Jake. Crazy Jake was a con man and a “story in and of himself.” A miner legend in the superstition mountains, Crazy Jake mentored Ron in the 60’s. Did Crazy Jake know where the […]

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How to Get a Treasure Trove Agreement

What is a treasure trove agreement? Can it help you find gold? In the wilderness one can not mine and dig extensively – unless there is buried man made treasure! Learn how Ron Feldman, owner of the Mammoth Mine Rock Shop, got the only treasure trove agreement handed out in that region. Ron tells us […]

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Secrets of The Lost Dutchman Mine UNCOVERED!

Ron Feldman, owner of the Mammoth Mine Rock Shop, historian Lost Dutchman Mine Hunter possesses historical evidence on finding a Spanish mine with an exclusive permit. A well documented¬† endeavor, Ron writes about the experience in his books (Crooked Mountain, Deep Fault) and guides gold hunters based on proof and documentation. Ron has enough information […]

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